All users love the Dryer. Here are a few reviews.

"A very simple concept brilliantly adapted into a remarkable environmental and cost-effective drying solution"

“It halved our electricity, paid off in 72 days”.

“I love my tent. It returned our money in less than 3 months”.

“Really enthusiastic, fantastic piece of equipment”.

“A godsend. Would be lost without it. We'd buy another if we had the space”.

“Maintenance free, simplicity itself, a no brainer”. (They now have 3 Dryers).

“One of my best purchases, eco-friendly, labour saving, and all importantly, money saving”.

“A great product and a huge help”.

“The Dryer is wonderful, much nicer than tumble drying, very happy”.

“Absolutely thrilled with my Dryer. I cannot sing it’s praises high enough or loud enough! As a co-host of a popular Airbnb the Dryer is in constant use and I can go to work knowing that the bedding and towels will be beautifully dried and aired without having to play the “Russian roulette” weather game. It’s already saving me money by “retiring” my tumble dryer, but I have also discovered that I’m spending less time ironing and pressing the bedding so huge benefits all round!”

“It’s absolutely fantastic. Just checked my washing this morning after a night of really strong winds and torrential downpours and it’s dry and beautifully aired. Thank you once again for the Dryer and the prompt and friendly response. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time with our uncertain weather and the rising power costs”.

Shieling Dryer in action

“I used to do 7 to 10 tumble dryer loads per week. Using the lower number and Ideal Home figures I save £10.22 per week or £531.44 per year. I can now put my washing outside all year round which can only be good for the planet! I am now giving away my tumble dryer as I haven't used it for 6 months and it is just taking space in the kitchen. Clothes are not destroyed by the heat, do not bleach in the sun and smell much better when they are dried in the fresh air. It doesn't take much longer. I am very pleased with my super Shieling Dryer. It makes financial and environmental sense. It’s a fabulous idea”.

“Thanks so much for the Dryer. It is great not having to dash outside to get the washing off the line when the rain comes on. And its bird proof, so I no longer need to worry about them messing on my washing. There’s no better way of drying your washing outdoors. Many thanks for your wonderful invention. Besides all that, it is good for the environment and saves me money as I don’t need to use my tumble dryer”.

“I had one before, but moved house and couldn't fit it in the next garden. I've moved again and am so glad to have a Dryer once more. I love it. It is a fabulous idea”.

Shieling Dryer with birds home
Birds inside Shieling Dryer

“Dries my yarn and gives a home to wrens”. (Cf young swallows on Mull).